Message from our CEOs

As a family owned and operated business in the Maritimes all of us at Mrs Dunster’s (which includes Snairs and McBuns) and at Kredl’s Corner Market take our responsibility as a regional food supplier very seriously. We provide bread, rolls, meals, fruits and vegetables to restaurants and independent and national chain grocery stores throughout the Maritimes and Maine, we also count many hospitals and nursing homes as customers.

There are more than 250 families whose livelihood depends directly on the success of our business and countless local farmers that provide milk, cheese, eggs, flour, fruits, vegetables, spices, and other ingredients and packaging to keep us going. Not to mention the local Local tradesmen, drivers, service providers and others. These suppliers for the most part are located here, and depend at least in part on our success to feed their families. We are all committed to supplying quality safe food to the many families and customers who depend on us. Our priority is to provide safe quality food to families in the Maritimes and Maine.

Because we make fresh product and generally have no inventory, our superpowers as an organization have always been our ability to adapt and support one another to serve our customer’s needs. Our employees are constantly adjusting to situations whether it is dealing with weather events, promotional activity, sudden employee shortages or equipment breakdowns. We have the right people in place to deal with this situation.

We wish to thank our customers for continuing to support us as a local business and we want you to know it makes a difference. We are thankful to our employees, who remain committed in these uncertain times, to doing the best job they can. And we are thankful to our suppliers for working hard to ensure we have what we need to keep going.

We recognize that in some cases we have been in short supply in our own stores and in retail grocery stores. We did not anticipate the increased demand and it took us a few days to adjust. We have increased production to meet the increased demand and now have lots of product available. As the situation changes we may need to trim our offering to focus on core items but for now we are able to keep up with demand on most things.

Our company is rooted in East Coast values of family, hard honest work and looking after your neighbor. If you do your best to support us we promise to do our best to put these values to work for you.

If you are in one of our stores, or see one of our employees delivering baked goods please be kind and maybe say thanks, they are doing important work and they of course have all the same anxieties as you do.

Thanks you everyone for your support.

Blair and Rosalyn Hyslop
Co-CEOs and Co-Owners of Mrs Dunster’s (1996) Inc.

About McBuns Bakery

McBuns Bakery is a local bakery that has been in business in Moncton N.B. since 1984. We produce a full range of fresh bakery products to service both retail and wholesale customers.

We bake our breads and rolls fresh every day!

Our bakeries are open seven days a week to ensure we meet the needs of all our customers. Drop in today and check out our huge selection of baked fresh daily bread and rolls as well as our pastries, squares, scones, fresh pizzas, cookies, gourmet cupcakes, wedding cakes, specialty cakes, subs, hot pizza, ice cream (during the summer) and more!

Subs, hot pizza and ice cream are only available at our Shediac Road location.

Experience our homestyle shops with focus on quality and customer service.